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5 Things That Could Be Causing Swollen Gums

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Are you experiencing swelling of your gums? If you are, you likely want to know what is causing it. There are several causes of gum swelling. Hormonal Changes Pregnancy and puberty can cause the gums to enlarge due to increased deposits around the teeth. For serious cases, your dentist will have to remove the build-up by performing a scaling procedure. The dentist will use his or her tools to manually remove all of the buildup around your gums that is causing them to swell. Once removed, you must follow a strict oral hygiene regimen to...

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Three Problems That Can Result From Poor Dental Care

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It has been shown that a person’s general health is linked to dental health. This makes it even more important for everyone to visit their dentist regularly for thorough examinations and to have their teeth professionally cleaned. Many systemic illnesses have been linked to bad dental health. Here are three of these illnesses.  The Illnesses That Can Result From Poor Dental Health Strokes and heart disease. Oral bacteria can grow beyond control when dental hygiene is not properly maintained. If gets into a person’s...

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